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BIOL 4278 Immunology: Assignment Sources

Accessing PubMed

Although PubMed is free online, be sure to use the link provided through the library website for access to the subscriptions provided by the Georgia State Library.  

Google Scholar + GSU Resources

  • Go to Google Scholar
  • Click Settings, then Library Links
  • In the search box, search for "Georgia State University" and select the checkbox
  • Click "Save Preferences."

This will locate available GSU subscriptions within a Google Scholar search.


PubMed Search Tips

Your responses to the blog posts will be enhanced by keeping these 4 steps in mind:

  • Read through the blog post to familiarize yourself with the topic and concepts.
  • As you review the post again, note the main concepts and the research question.
  • Apply the concepts and research question to keywords for your search in PubMed. 
  • Look through as many articles in the results as possible. The best article may not be the #1 result.  

Setting up a PubMed Search

The Basics: Simple Searching & Viewing Results

For a basic keyword search, type the word or words you are looking for into the search box, and click Search. PubMed will suggest phrases that complete your entry or that are related to the words you're entering.  The next page will show your search results.

Setting Filters (aka Limits)

Use the filters on the left sidebar to narrow down your results by specifying different categories such as language, type of article, age, gender, etc.  

 Look for the  icon or another "free full text" icon in the top right of the abstract page, and click the icon to access the full article text.

Adapted from UNC Health Sciences Library.