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African American History: Home

A guide to locating information on the history, experiences and culture of African Americans.


African American History

Supporting Decatur Campus ASS 2010 Introduction to African American Studies and ASS 1040  Introducation to African and African American History and Culture

Research Guide

 " Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose." Zora Neale Hurston 

  Selected Reference Books

These books can be found in the Reference collection of the library.  Use these books to get a basic overview or specific facts about a topic before searching for other books and articles for more in-depth information.

World History

    • Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History
      Ref. D23 .B45 2005


    • Dictionary of Historic Documents
      Ref D9 .D525 2003


    • Europe 1450 to 1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World
      Ref. D209 .E97 2004


    • Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
      Ref. DS4 .E53 2002


    • New Encyclopedia of Africa
      Ref. DT3 .N49 2008


    • Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture
      Ref. F1406 .E53 2008


American (U.S.) History

    • Encyclopedia of American History
      Ref E174 .E53 2003


    • Dictionary of American History
      Ref E174 .D52 2003


    • Encyclopedia of American Cultural and Intellectual History
      Ref. E169.1 .E624 2001


  •           Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century
              Ref. E169.1 .E626 2001
  •           Before Obama:  A Reappraisal of Black Reconstruction Era Politicians

             Ref.E185.2.B37 2012


African American History

  •  Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African & African American Experience        

  •  Ref. DT14.A37435 2005

  • Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History:  The Black Experience in the Americas

  • Ref. E 185.E54 2006
  • Encyclopedia of African American History 1896 to the Present

  • Ref. E 185. E5453 2009
  • Encyclopedia of Black Studies

  • Ref. E 185. E554  2004
  • African American Religious Cultures

  • Ref. BL2500. A37 2009
  • The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Folklore

  • Ref. GR111. A47. G74 2009
  • Black Women in America

  • Ref. E185. 86. B542 2005



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