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Learning Objectives and Outcomes

- Introduce Endnote
- Demonstrate how to import citations and insert in Word
- Demonstrate advanced research searching skills – Cited Reference Search

- Know how to import citations from databases and Google scholarinto Endnote (manually and via database function)
- Know how to use Endnote with Word
- Know how to perform a Cited Reference Search

Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment

Technology in CURVE

interactWall - The CURVE centerpiece technology, the interactWall is a large-scale, touch-enabled video wall that is flexible and easy to use — yet powerful enough to render complex models and visualizations.

4K Workstation - CURVE features an 84″ 4K UltraHD interactive touch workstation linked to the interactWall with fiber optics for groups requiring the highest resolution possible for advanced research.

Collaborative Workstations (PC + Mac Pro) -  CURVE includes seven (7) Collaborative Workstations, including the 4K Workstation, which may be reserved by students, faculty, and staff.

3D Scanners - CURVE’s 3D scanners (coming soon) enhance research and learning by enabling students and instructors to convert physical artifacts into 3D digital objects for up-close study and analysis and for sharing with the broader public.

Required Textbooks