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CASA/Humanities Inclusivity Program (Summer 2019): Getting Started with the Library, Getting Help

Start At The Library's Homepage!

Start with the Library's homepage for

Getting Help: GSU Library Research Guides

Try looking at a GSU Library Research Guide!

We have research guides available for every department on campus. You can look at any guide regardless of what department you are associated with.

Start here to find helpful guides! 

(To get to the guide you are looking at right now, use this URL:

We also have other categories of research guides available for help (all linked from the main Research Guides page)

  • *Citing and Bibliographies
  • *Library Technology, Tutorials, and Software
  • *Publishing and Open Access
  • Data Services
  • General and Interdisciplinary Research

Getting Help: Research Support Desk

Denise Dimsdale, Education librarian, at the Research Support Desk, Library North 1

Denise Dimsdale, Education Librarian
(photo credit: Kelsey Jordan)

The Research Support Desk (reference desk) is on Library North 1, at the far-left side of the long main desk.

Circulation staff can also help with basic questions in the evenings and on weekends.

Getting Help: Live Assistance / Chat Reference

We offer virtual reference assistance on weekdays from the Live Assistance box on the library's homepage.

(note: this is just a picture -- go to to start a chat session)

You can email yourself a transcript of your chat session (helpful if the response included links)

Clicking on "Or search for an answer" will take you to a list of frequently asked questions that may also give you the answer you need.

Getting Help: Subject Librarians

Every department at GSU generally has a subject librarian assigned to it. 

To find your subject librarian, click here and select the relevant department (click on a College or School's link to find specific departments).

If you aren't sure who to contact, Jill (Humanities Instruction Librarian) can help you get started and find the best person to talk with. 

photograph of Joel Glogowski, Nursing/Data Services Librarian, and John Bodnar

Joel Glogowski, Nursing/Data Services Librarian